Todays Day Trades : BPTH Massive Movers!! +$2420


This is what we as traders live for! This will be the third time this week that BPTH is the topic of discussion. These moments are the moments that display the incredible potential of being a day trader. So, BPTH started in the premarket around the $16 dollar area……….AND THEN BOOM!!! This stock ran all the way to it’s high of day of $73.52.

This is a great and easy way to make some quick green and grow the account. On the flip side, taking advantage of this type of stock intraday becomes increasingly more risky as it extends far above rational price levels. Throughout the trading day it was Circuit Breaker Halted (this is a pause in the trading as volatility is too high for the market to keep up with the orders, NO TRADES CAN BE MADE DURING THE HALT) multiple times making the trading super choppy.

As you can see in the image above, If you bought in at the highs and got stuck in multiple halts, it would not have been a good day. Most of the time when we see these types of massive movers (typically one to two a year), on the way down through the halts the price plunges are $5-$25 dollar leaps to the downside. My recommendations for trading these types of stocks is as most of the way I trade……..GET IN, MAKE SOME PROFIT, AND GET OUT!!!! I know that it looks like a quick way to retire…lol, but it is also risky as you could potentially get stuck in the position due to the halts.

Guys what a great trading day I was able to pull 2k out of this stock. If you like the article drop us a like and follow to support the content and the creator. Want to hear my thoughts about the trading day more in depth, check out this video!

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