Todays Trades : TROV, TNXP, SBOT In the Red -$300

Todays trades were a little rough to say the least. I started with a Stop Limit order on TNXP at opening bell at $3.61. My order did not fill and the order actually rode the price around the chart, so I flattened (this means I canceled all orders and positions). I then waited for a solid pullback to place a Market order, same issue with the actual order riding the price but no fill! I flattened my position and went to open a new chart to see other market opportunities. A few seconds later I could hear the order fill randomly………Whah?? and was able to flatten out……..which actually did the same thing, it wouldn’t fill on the sell market which took about $210 profit off the table leaving me with a profit of about $100 dollars. I was Frustrated!!! This is an emotional red flag for a trader. I then traded TNXP again around the $3.90 cent area looking for a break back above $4.00. The trade quickly went to the downside leaving me with (-$320) on that ticker.

I tried to place a Stop Limit Order here! which suffered some technical difficulty getting filled.
This first green candle on the five minute chart dipped back down to about this level and I tried to execute a buy market order. The order ended up filling randomly after I had already flattened all orders, but ended up profiting about $100 bucks.

I got filed again here on a limit order thinking that the trade would move back over the $4 dollar area, but it failed and I flattened out with a
(-$320) loss

I was able to pull some more green out of the market but not enough to cover my two red trades! I was also Red on SBOT (-$170). I ended up with a profit on TROV of $350 by the end of the morning gaining back some of the losses from the other trades. If you want to see me explain these trades and the TROV live trade (click here).

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