S&P Technical Level Breakout on the Daily Chart (/ES Futures)

The /ES has just broken through a key technical level on the Daily chart. The red line drawn on the image above represents a key technical level that I have had my eyes on for a while now. Today is the day that the breakout occurred on the daily chart. I took a long position at 2825.50 on the /ES mini, in anticipation of the break with a 2 contract limit order.

As you can see after passing the key daily technical resistance level, there was a huge spike to the upside putting the trade into the GREEN!!! We will be watching the /ES closely as the next daily resistance is much higher and will be watching for long positions.

This image shows the room the /ES has until the next technical resistance on the daily chart! The shorter arrow to the far right shows another possible area of resistance on the daily chart, and will be a technical area of interest moving forward.

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Published by Eric Jobb

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