This morning is showing some potential with two stocks in particular. ADXS and SORL, both making moves with news to back up price action.

ADXS has a 5 million share float placing this stock in the extreme low float category. It has decent premarket volume and has surpassed it’s last daily resistance of $8.15 cents. The previous high to that, was $10.20 cent area. This ticker also has news regarding positive results for its phase trial of a prostate cancer treatment. Worth watching at the open!

SORL has a slightly higher float setting around 20 million shares. It’s premarket volume of 200k is not spectacular, but price action is solid as well as its great news regarding earnings. This is worth watching but not as strong of a premarket contender as ADXS.

FUTURES – today will be a really good day for futures, as multiple global economic news hit’s the media. Last night we saw really good pushes in both gold and S P 500 futures, both making solid gains at the evening open! Really excited to see today’s trading in both markets.

Published by Eric Jobb

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