Good morning and thank you for joining us for this mornings premarket analysis. We appreciate your support at THEFREEDOMGRIND.

ADMA – This morning ADMA is popping up on the premarket scanners, already had a circuit breaker hault pre market. It closed yesterday at around $4 dollars and climbing all the way up to $7 dollars in the premarket trading this morning.

FLOAT – ADMA has a medium float of about 46 million shares.

PRE MARKET VOLUME- 2.5 million

NEWS – ADMA has price action due to FDA approval. This is good news, but that doesn’t always equal great trading opportunities during market open. It is worth watching, but always have capital protection in mind.

We will be watching this at open and throughout the day for trading opportunities.

As always if other trading opportunities show up before market open, we will report them here!!!

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