ATAI was a surprise today with massive momentum! This stock started out at $1.14 cent at the open, and pushed all the way to the $2.50 cent area as the intraday high. This stock, I was able to trade on multiple occasions in the Capital Elite Markets Group Trader Elite Pro Demo software. The majority of trades I made on this stock were actually Short plays.

Highlighted trade of the day –

This is not the only trade I made today but is one that I chose to write about. I placed a sell short order of 2,000 shares at $1.83 cents, and then covered my position at $1.71 cents. Overall profit of about $240 on this scalp! I hope I am giving the Readers (You guys/girls) some helpful trading information! Let us know if there is anything you would like to see in the blog, or for us to discuss here a THEFREEDOMGRIND by commenting below!!!

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