IPWR Slow But Steady!

IPWR made impressive moves today, but there wasn’t any momentum! I had my fingers eagerly on the hotkeys ready to buy with 90% buying power! The more I watched, the less I saw potential! In the end though I missed an awesome opportunity! This happens to every Trader! I looked back at the daily chart and did not see any other major spikes, not to mention the Level II barely had a heartbeat! Today will go down as a no trade day, and I am fine with it! This stock did well both at the open, and made some gains after a consolidation period! With the price point being at $.80 cent it would have made a really nice profit, due to the fact that my position could have been huge! That is another thing that prevented my entering this stock! I was not quite ready to take on such a huge position into something that has not had a history of big moves, and had no momentum! But this stock is definitely worth mentioning, and pondering about! The chart in hindsight looks awesome, perfect consolidation area and break of the wedge! Till next time slow mo, I fear we will meet again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Published by Eric Jobb

Hello everyone, my name is Eric and I am the founder of TheFreedomGrind. I love to trade stocks and futures, It's my passion, and I will never go back. I have taken time, money, and energy learning the market. There is no secret trick, no gimmick that will get you closer to being profitable. It will take time, money, and energy to make gains as a day trader. I created the blog and the YouTube channel to provide as much useful information about trading to anyone who has the desire to become a trader.

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