PRE MARKET 5/23/2019: NETS, TROV, and OBLN!

Good morning traders!! I am seeing a couple of interesting low float stocks with good pre market price action as well as volume this morning. The first stock I noticed is NETS.


Float : 30 million

Pre Market Volume : 270k

News : No News! (hmm…)

This stock has moved from just below the $2 dollar area, all the way up to $2.60 cent!! It has a somewhat low float and will be on our morning watchlist.

TROV is the second low float stock that has made some Pre Market moves this morning.


Float : 5 million shares

Pre Market Volume : 100k

News : Partnering with Nektar Therapeutics on cancer treatments.

OBLN, now this one is interesting at the moment as the trading premarket has been halted and will resume trading at 9AM EST. Price at halt : $1.53 cent.

Float : 24 million

Pre Market Volume : 1 million

News : Company in agreement with investors to sell 3 million in stocks for working capital to expand and fund business ventures.

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