Welcome to THEFREEDOMGRIND’s Pre market analysis for day traders. This morning already we have some movement coming from CTRV! This stock has had some crazy days recently, and is now pushing upwards in the pre market session. It has a really low float and news related to positive FDA feedback.

Float: 800k

Pre Market Volume: 1.8million

News : FDA related news

We will be keeping CTRV on watch throughout the morning trading session.

AXGT is another stock making moves this morning. This stock has a low float and some good price action already going from the $6 dollar area pushing all the way up to the $8 dollar area.

Float: 22million

Pre Market Volume : 300k

News : Given outperform rating and price target of $18 dollars.

Looks good so far but we will need to wait until the market opens to see if it can keep pushing or if it will face back down to its previous levels.

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