FRSX made some moves to the upside at market open this morning, However, the first trade I placed was on ATAI, which ended up being a red trade to start the morning. That trade put me in the red -$40 bucks. ATAI didn’t perform and has been trading mostly sideways but after refreshing my scanner on ThinkOrSwim, FRSX hit the top of the list. It had already made a big move on the 5 min and 1 min charts.

First Trade (scalps):

1,000 shares entered @ $1.88, Sold @ 1.96 = $80.00 green

Second Trade: 1,000 shares entered @ $2.09, Sold @ $2.12 ( it wasn’t performing like I thought but ended up pulling the trigger on the sell a little early = $30.00 green

Third Trade: 1,000 shares entered @ $2.24, Sold @ $2.31 = $70.00 green

Last Trade: 300 shares (decreased share size to protect capital and minimize risk) entered @ $2.31, Sold @ $2.52 = $63.00

Overall profit on the morning = +$243 – (-$40) = $203.00

FRSX was definitely the stock of the morning an you could easily see the momentum building. In all honesty there were moments I got nervous that I could get stuck in a halt (circuit breaker).

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