AIM 5 Min Chart Premarket

Good morning, There hasn’t been a ton of activity lately in the Low Float Market these past few trading days! Maybe today will be different. I am currently looking into a low float stock (AIM) or AIM IMMUNOTECH INC! So far this morning, and it is early (currently 7:00 AM). This stock is seeing some good volume on news. There is plenty of time until market open so we will have to watch and see if AIM can hold it’s pre market price levels! Let’s look at some Fundamental Data:

FLOAT : 2.5 million

NEWS : Company awarded 8.3 million to fund trial phase 2 clinical trial study drug for new Cancer Treatment!

PREMARKET VOLUME : Current Volume 400K @ (7:18 am EST)

One thing to note about AIM is that It had spiked Premarket before but couldn’t keep the investor interest and dropped for the entre trading session!

NBEV 5 min PreMarket

NBEV or New Age Beverage Company is another lower float stock moving this morning. This stock has had good trading days in the past so that always adds to the interest. So far pre market this stock has gone from $2.80’s to over $3 dollars a share. Let’s look at some Fundamental Data

FLOAT : 78 million

PRE MARKET VOLUME : 54K (kind of low)

NEWS : CBD product approval in Japan

The News is where the excitement is here, with a little larger Float and not even 100k in premarket volume it doesn’t seem to be worth watching, but I have seen stocks that even though have some poor numbers pre market, surge throughout the trading day! So, this one will be on the watchlist this morning also!

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