Short answer, maybe! There are certainly many things that are pointing towards slowed growth and problems in the big banks. The FED issuing billions in repos in order for more debt to be obtained by borrowers is a scary thought when debt is at all time highs.

With that being said, the economic numbers aren’t looking super weak just yet. The manufacturing data and services sector have Slumped a little bit, but as we can see with the recent trading week, many investors aren’t nervous.

What to do if we become more certain of economic recession? Well for one, do not hold onto assets that follow the market unless those investments are longer term (10-15 years). Gold assets will certainly be of interest.

Something else to note, if there is a recession in bloom, may be a good time to stockpile cash or savings on the sidelines so that once the bad times are over you will be ready to take advantage of the rebound. Many have built very solid gains by holding out until the bear market was over.

Happy trading !!

Published by Eric Jobb

Hello everyone, my name is Eric and I am the founder of TheFreedomGrind. I love to trade stocks and futures, It's my passion, and I will never go back. I have taken time, money, and energy learning the market. There is no secret trick, no gimmick that will get you closer to being profitable. It will take time, money, and energy to make gains as a day trader. I created the blog and the YouTube channel to provide as much useful information about trading to anyone who has the desire to become a trader.

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