Welcome everyone to a review of my trading today! This morning there was a ton of opportunities at the open. Initially, opened a trade short on the /NQ Nasdaq micro future 2 contracts. I saw at first an attempt to run long but the volatility soon became one sided. I could see the price action pushing the chart down with selling pressure, which honestly when we open higher than we closed it is a common scenario.

I saw the opportunity and have been getting better with entering quickly. As soon as I spotted the downward momentum, I entered the trade and was patient. This started me off in the green for the morning. I was then able to turn around and go into a long position on the second and third leg up seen in the chart below.

After being in the green about $150 bucks, I made a couple of small losses on the downside of the later evening session and decided to hang it up as my ability to predict the moves dwindled.

Todays trading was a good display of when the market is strong and my quick thinking worked out. One thing I need to continue to do is be just as fast at spotting and entering an opportunity before the trade moves away from the opportunity zone.

If you have any specific questions about my trading or yours, post your comment down below. I wish you all a profitable week.

Published by Eric Jobb

Hello everyone, my name is Eric and I am the founder of TheFreedomGrind. I love to trade stocks and futures, It's my passion, and I will never go back. I have taken time, money, and energy learning the market. There is no secret trick, no gimmick that will get you closer to being profitable. It will take time, money, and energy to make gains as a day trader. I created the blog and the YouTube channel to provide as much useful information about trading to anyone who has the desire to become a trader.


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