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This year has been full of craziness! We have the corona virus pandemic, riots, economic issues, but that leads to opportunity for those willing to take advantage. With this article I am sharing my current longer term positions that are mostly based on criteria related to the current Corona Virus pandemic.

Most of the stocks I am Currently in have been negatively affected by the economic battles related to the Corona Virus. I have Bank stocks, and travel company stocks! Let me explain my choices of stocks and why I decided to put them into this portfolio. One of the main criteria for these stocks was that they must have been present and survived the 2008 sub prime mortgage recession.

#1 Wells Fargo & Company (WFC)

Wells Fargo & Company COM (WFC)

Wells Fargo is a bank that deals with mortgages and other asset and consumer debt. This stock made the list because it had a similar share price drop during the 2008 financial crisis. It’s current trading price as of this posting is around $26 dollars. The average before the COVID-19 pandemic was around $50 dollars. I plan to hold this position and even add to it over the next 6 months to a Year!

#2 Carnival Corps Units (Carnival Cruise Lines) (CCL)

Carnival Corps Units (CCL)

Carnival Cruise Lines have been around since the 70’s and also survived many financial drops in the economy including the recent 2008 recession. It’s current trading price at the time of this post is $14.80 cents. The average price for this stock before Covid-19 was around $48 dollars.

#3 American Airlines Group Inc Com (AAL)

American Airlines Group INC COM (AAL)

American Airlines is another company I decided to invest in. Their chart does not go back to 2008, however the company has been around since the 1930’s. So far as of this post the current price for American Airlines is $11.37 cents. The average price before the Covid-19 virus was around $29 dollars.

#4 MFA Financial INC COM (MFA)

MFA Financial INC COM (MFA)

MFA Financial is a company that I was not going to invest in and believe this to be the most risky investment as it is not a well known company. This company has been around and even withstood the 2008 financial crisis. The current price for this stock is $2.61. The average price before Covid-19 was around $7 dollars.

That’s the current portfolio!! Remember to do your research and invest wisely! Make sure you read the disclaimer so that you can make the best possible judgment when making your own independent investment decisions. I hope this article was informative and gives you a good direction to look in the market for building your own Coronafolio!!!

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