Hello everyone and welcome back! I am back from a little hiatus! This is my Corona Virus stock portfolio. All of these positions are companies that have been negatively effected by the Corona Virus Pandemic. I selected these positions with two factors in mind. The first is their % drop due to the pandemic with most of these around a %50 percent drop. The second metric was that the company had to have a track record of withstanding financial crisis with 2008 being the most recent example.


American Airlines (AAL) – position is currently in the positive with 16 shares with an average price of $11.54 cents. It is currently trading at $12.24 cents. As with most of this portfolio, it has been in the profit for the most part with very little swing either direction !!


Carnival Corps (CCL) – This position is very similar to American Airlines, even the Chart is very similar! I currently have 11 shares at an average price of $14.15. The current trading price is $16. This position has actually been in the positive for my entire holding. If the price stays around these low areas close to my entry price or less, I will buy more shares in the future.


MFA Financial (MFA) – This was one of the last positions I added to my portfolio. This is a mortgage company that lasted through the 2008 sub-prime mortgage bubble which is one of the main reasons I decided to add them to my portfolio. I currently have 32 shares with an average price of $2.73. The currently traded price is $3.34. This has also been a position that has stayed reasonably positive.


Wells Fargo & Company (WFC) – Wells Fargo is a position contrary to the others in this portfolio in the way that it has stayed mostly in the negative. I currently have 15 shares at an average price of $25.14. The current trading price is around $24 dollars. I will be adding to this position!

Overall this portfolio has been over $100 in the green, and in the negative -$100 but has not varied outside of that currently. I will slowly be adding to this portfolio over time and will be holding long term!

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