Hello, My name is Eric and I am the creator of THE FREEDOM GRIND!! I am a retail day trader, and have traded in the markets over the past couple of years. I have traded Equities, Futures, Forex, and Options. I love day trading because of the freedom that it offers to regular individuals who can withstand and afford getting past the learning curve. Imagine just getting your degree at a major university, it took a ton of time, passion,  and money to accomplish that goal, it feels good right? The same occurs once you reach an understanding of the market and can position yourself to become consistently profitable as a trader. Just like that degree though it will take time, passion, and money!

The goal of The Freedom Grind is to provide valuable resources for traders who are new to the markets or who need an extra edge to compete with the major players. One of the biggest keys to being a good trader is having Discipline. Overall you must learn to be disciplined not only in your trading but being disciplined in everything you do.

In this site as well as our YouTube channel (CLICK HERE) you can find valuable information about day trading. There is also some free materials that you can use to help you track your trades and learn about technical analysis.

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