Day Trading Challenges

Some have a distorted view of what it takes to be a successful trader due to the overwhelming quantity of inept resources promoted all over the web. Truth be told, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. No software or system will make you a successful trader, but your efforts will.Continue reading “Day Trading Challenges”

Risk Management

I have day traded for over a year and a half and have learned in this period of my life the value of planning. When the market teaches you a lesson it can hurt both mentally and financially. It is imperative that a plan be determined before trading any asset. When entering and exiting trades,Continue reading “Risk Management”

Trading Analytics

Trading with an EDGE is part of what gives a trader a majority of their profitability, however, there are human factors of judgement that are also at play here. Cataloguing trades for review will enable the avid trader to analyze and optimize their trading. There is a mountain of data to comb for analysis andContinue reading “Trading Analytics”

Cycling Shares

Share cycling is an averaging technique used to risk adjust a position over time. In long positions, cycling shares involves deleveraging on pumps and leveraging only on pullbacks. In short positions, cycling shares involves the opposite actions. I shorted the above example. I entered at ‘1’ and exited full position at ‘2’. My reasoning wasContinue reading “Cycling Shares”


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