Cobra Trading Review

Cobra trading is a broker that is known for its long list of short able stocks. This is the main reason why I am using them at this very moment. Though they rank high on my list, there are a couple of things we should discuss before you make the move to Cobra Trading. InContinue reading “Cobra Trading Review”

Things I have Learned Day Trading for a Full year

Day Trading is a very, very difficult thing to undertake. Anyone who has attempted to trade for any amount of time has questioned whether or not Day Trading was actually feasible at one point or another. Hitting “the wall”, taking another loss, or missing a big move takes a toll, but it all is worthContinue reading “Things I have Learned Day Trading for a Full year”

Topic : Let’s Explore, Market Condition.

We have all traded through different markets. Some markets are responsive markets and have a rational flow, others are super volatile with large irrational swings. As we continue on our trading journey it is important to keep track of the market behavior and how that behavior affects our edge.


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