Topic : Let’s Explore, Market Condition.

Hello traders and welcome. We have all traded through different markets. Some markets are responsive markets and have a rational flow, others are super volatile with large irrational swings. As we continue on our trading journey it is important to keep track of the market behavior and how that behavior affects our edge.

For those who are new to this blog and or who I am, I am a Day trader and the founder of The Freedom Grind. I primarily Trade with a heavy short bias (trade the downside action) on lower cap Stocks, This will be my interpretation of the market as it relates to my edge and what I see as the current market condition.

Looking at some of the trades that are most recent we can see some good moves to the upside and then a very slow descent back to rational levels.

GMVD 5 min chart

GMVD – This stock is a good example of market conditions. Today’s Trading had 2 stocks that had a similar price action, the other being VVOS. The reason it is worth noting how these stocks traded today is because it will give us an idea where our edge sits in the current market. This particular trade would have worked out but only just, as it had a decent grind to the upside but on the downside we stalled.

When I am trying to asses the market condition, I am doing so in a way that will determine how I should approach my trading. (If you trade to the long side mostly, look at your trades and others that fit your strategy – to determine how well your edge fits the current market.) My current interpretation of these particular examples is to go light on my sizing and pull profits quickly. There are other interesting metrics we can use to tell what the market condition is for your edge that we will discuss other writings.

This is a very quick synopsis, If you would like to have a better understanding of the stock market and get good trading info and tips – join the Trading chatroom and click the Chatroom Button or checkout Our Youtube Channel.




Welcome back freedom Grind Team! This was one of my biggest day trades so far. My team and I are working on new scanners and trading metrics that will hopefully help us generate much bigger gains in the near future. The newest scanner that we have added to our trading strategy helped us nail YELL (YELLOW CORPORATION) early in the Premarket.

This trade Took a very quick response, though, I wasn’t able to get in at the very best spot it did end up producing a decent gain on my small account. I entered this trade at first with an order of 800 shares but only received a partial fill. Once I was in the position I averaged in some more shares short. I ended up with an overall position size of 650 shares short at around $12.53 cents and flattened the entire position at $10.55 cents. This trade has already made April a competitive month compared to the last two and could set me up for my biggest month yet!! Overall Profits on this trade after commissions was $1286!!!!

Here is the chart down below!!




03/17/2021 – Welcome back everyone on this St. Patrick’s day! I didn’t find any pot of gold but I did score some profits from the market this morning. I traded one stock only and ENZ was a hold from yesterdays trading. I traded FSD PHARMA INC CL B (HUGE) for a profit of $678 dollars!! Let’s take a look at the trade and see how it worked out!


I averaged into this stock short pretty heavy pre market. I ended up with a total position size of 820 shares short. My average price was $3.55 cents per share. I held all the way through the pre market and into the open. My idea was to close at the blue line but covered my position early on the flush right after the open bell.

Follow Us Here at THE FREEDOM GRIND and get all the newest information as we post our trades, and update our services. I currently do not have any more Day trades to use this week but will be trading again at the beginning of next week so hang with us to see how we are taking profits from the markets every week.




Welcome back traders! Today was a big day for me as a Day Trader as I finally hit the 1K a day mark! I have been waiting to push the gas a little bit and be more aggressive in my positions so that I can Have a 1K profit on the day! I finally hit my mark trading three different stocks which all have added to the account.

The chart Above shows my entry point into ENTX though this stock Trade was placed in the Pre Market on Friday I held until today for a total profit of $626 dollars. This stock also had some very aggressive buying at the open Friday which had me sweat through some Circuit Breaker Halts but in the end I was able to Profit. I closed This position around that Blue line on the Chart and Entered at the Red line!


I am currently holding this position into tomorrow morning in hopes that it can maintain these lows so that I can have a day trade for in the morning! I have 285 shares short currently at an average price of $2.04 cent and am in the profit about $140. Let’s hope it stays that way into the morning.


This is the third trade I placed today and closed out the position as close as I could to $300 dollars in the profit but ended up with a market buy order to close and netted $297 dollars this morning. My average price was up there at the red line and exited a little early which I have no problems leaving a little bit on the table!!



TRADE RECAP 03-10-21 MNOV +$425

Good Morning Traders and investors! So far the strategy is a very trustworthy one. I have successfully completed a month and a half of successful trades! This trade was a little rough but in the end it became successful for me. Lets have a look at the Trade on the 2 min Chart!


I was able to enter (MNOV) MEDICINOVA INC Pre Market with 300 shares at $11.01 average price! I had to set through some pain on this one though because after I entered, it decided to have one more pump all the way up past $13 dollars….um OUCH. But looking at the bigger picture I was not nervous as I have grown to trust my strategy! My exit on this position was $9.58 cents per share!!

Once we opened though I was getting a bit anxious to get my money and walk because the open was volatile! Honestly the open trading looked like a futures market open where there are huge swings before there is a direction and continuation.

This trade has brought my monthly earning for March so far past the 1K mark and there are still a few weeks to go!!!




Welcome back Traders! Today I added more profits to the account making my way to the magic 25K mark. I took this trade right after the pre market open around 4 AM. I started this position a little more aggressively trying to get a larger position into this trade.

Check out the trade with some live footage to the right—–>>


You can see I was able to average in pretty heavy before closing out in the pre market session. I ended up overall with 1050 shares with an average price short at 3.80 cents per share. I was able to close the position with one limit order at 3.50 cents for an overall profit of $320.

Overall this trade went very well. One thing I am taking notice of is the fact that I am leaving a lot of profit on the table as the trades tend to keep it moving to the downside after I have already jumped ship! I will really be looking at trying to improve this metric but am still happy with my progress in this strategy overall. Happy Trading everyone and have a good weekend.


I will be looking for more trade opportunities on Monday next week and look forward to posting them here so like and follow this blog for all my trading updates!



Check Out My Video Recap Of This Trade On YouTube

Hello Traders! Another day another dollar, or in this case a couple hundred to add into my Interactive Brokers Account! On the road to 25k. I was actually watching this stock since yesterday and had the suspicion it could not maintain these ridiculous trading levels. I was able to place a trade pre market as always and close out before market open.

In the image below you can see my order fills for my short side trade in RKT this morning. I noticed I have an uncanny ability as of this far to get really good entries. I only shorted this stock with a position size of 50 shares but was able to squeeze a pretty good profit out.


After waking up this afternoon I noticed that RKT tanked super hard…….but as traders we cant focus on what has already occurred and must quickly move on to the next opportunity. I will have another Day Trade available on Friday so I will post here and we will see if I can grab more money out of the Stock Market and add it to my Account with Interactive brokers on the road to 25k.

I appreciate all of you that read my articles and Like and Follow my Blog!! See you on Friday!


Todays Trade Recap ECOR On The Road To 25K


Welcome back Traders I hope you all had a good weekend! This morning around 4:10AM I started to trade the market. I found ECOR on my premarket scanner and it was screaming to be shorted….lol, so I DID! Overall the trade wasn’t too bad, however, there were some mistakes I made in this one.

The first thing that made this trade a little difficult was that I went too aggressive to early! I ended up with 900 shares short with an average price of $3.60. Not a bad price looking back now, but the trade went against my position over $.40 cents……yikes. While I was holding through the pain (sit and sweat as I call it) I was able to reel in my anxiety. I held strong and patiently until the stock price dropped back below my entry price.


Todays Profit was $162 added to the account on The Road To 25K!!!! My focus for the next trading day will be a little more reservation in averaging in. I need to take it a little slow and be methodically aggressive and not allow my frustration of being under the PDT drive my trading decisions. Things like that take you away from what you are doing right!!!

Happy Trading you all!



Last Live Trade From This Account Via TheFreedomGrind YouTube Channel

Welcome back everyone to The Freedom Grind Investors Blog! I am currently day trading a small account with Interactive Brokers with several benchmarks in mind. My first benchmark is 5k! My current portfolio balance is $4,300 so I don’t have much further to go for that goal. My starting balance was $2200.

The ultimate goal is to reach 25K in order to be above the PDT or Pattern Day Trading Rule. This is a regulation that prevents U.S citizens from day trading freely if they are below 25K! It makes no sense honestly but unfortunately, those of us that are small money Day Traders have to work within those boundaries.

The image above is my current Equity Curve with interactive brokers. My strategy with this account so far has had a very high Win/Loss ratio and has allowed me to double the account in a little less than a month. I am only trading Short side trades and will most likely not get into any long positions for the foreseeable future.

One thing I do want to mention is the Products and Services Tab in the Dropdown Menu at the top of the website! Once I surpass the 25K benchmark, I will be teaching this strategy and it will become accessible in that Tab! If any of you are interested in learning a highly profitable trading strategy, comment in the comments section. This will not be a free service, but all information in this blog as well as my YouYube channel will be a free resource for all of you!



Welcome back Traders and Investors! I was able to lock in some profit this morning trading short side on a low float stock that went parabolic to the upside premarket. I traded DOGNESS INTL CORP COM (DOGZ). This stock went bonkers in the premarket cranking long from about a $2 average price up past $7 per share. There was no news to support this.


I entered into this position with 100 shares short in the premarket consolidation! I like to be conservative with my sizing as I am averaging in, This gives me a better opportunity to manage my risk and average into a higher price while going short if the positions moves higher. I ended up with 200 shares short with an average price at $4.12 cents(shown by the bright BLUE line on the chart) and sold my position around $3.17 after this stock flushed lower at the open!

This morning overall was fantastic! I made my daily goal plus some extra! As traders we leave some on the table periodically but we must always remember, Once we leave an opportunity, we only focus on the next one and do not look back with regret!




Welcome back Readers, Investors, and Traders!!! As many of you know I am invested long term in a portfolio I built around the Covid-19 pandemic. So far the portfolio is up 40% overall! My best performing position in terms of actual net gains is Wells Fargo (WFC). American Airlines (AAL) has been quickly gaining as well right behind Wells Fargo .

I have decided to add something else to my portfolio, and I want to reiterate that I am not a financial advisor. You must accept the risk any investment carries inherently with it, as well as invest independently from anyone’s opinions outside of a professional. With that out of the way, I have added two new positions to the portfolio that I will be averaging into for the long term……hopefully! I have purchased shares of two Market Bear ETF’s that are leveraged. I am buying these on my own opinion that the market is way overvalued and needs to retrace! I currently have 11 shares of Direxion Daily S&P 500 Bear 3X Shares ETF (SPXS), and 13 shares of ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ ETF (SQQQ).

SPXS Daily Chart ThinkOrSwim

SQQQ Daily Chart ThinkOrSwim

My honest hope is that I can get to the point where I am holding 100 shares of each while buying more into the higher moves if this market can sustain it. Only time will tell but outside of these two positions, the rest have done very well and I am expecting them to continue to perform positively. I have averaged into my previous holdings slowly, and now have an overall equity value of about $2,000.



GameStop Stock chart representing massive short squeeze (GME)

For those of you that have been in a cave for the last week or so, the Stock Market has been crazy. When I say crazy ….. I MEAN CRAZY. Shares of the Company GameStop went to the moon thanks to a movement started on a sub Reddit group dubbed Wall Street Bets!! The move was created by retail traders who took advantage of the investing institutions that had large short holdings in the Retail video game company stock GameStop (GME). It was a massive short squeeze!!

What is a Short Squeeze? Glad you asked. Whenever a stock has a massive amount of its shares being held Short (meaning investors believe the stock will go down) it can be very advantageous for any one that understands that vulnerability! So, lets start with saying that if you sell short a stock the only way to cover your positions would be to buy back shares that you borrowed. See where Im going with this. Once momentum gets pushed against the shorts, the only way to cover your shorts is to become a buyer. Wall Street Bets was able to put power behind the buying to flush out the short sellers creating not only a huge market upset, but a movement that exposed some of the ways wall street prevents retail traders from being included in the momentum. Trading apps like Robin Hood and many other brokers restricted trading on the stocks that were presumed pumped from the sub reddit Wall Street Bets.

Even my current Broker Interactive Brokers restricted GameStop and several others during this episode. To be honest I was trying very hard to Short GameStop myself but that also became restricted……..go figure. Anyway big thanks to Wall Street Bets from……retail traders!!!!

This may turn out to be a very interesting year in the Markets so pay attention!!




Hello everyone! What a surprise, this portfolio is in new territory for growth! It’s Monday Nov 23 2020, and TheFreedomGrind Corona Virus portfolio is grinding past the previous in the money profits! taking the portfolios all time high to a little over +17%.

I have also used a measly $1.50 cent as day trading capital which is now $4.50. Most recently I bought 1 share of DPW on Friday and swung it until selling today bringing my cash balance from around $2 to $4.50. With no commission charge I figured why not!! lol!


Carnival Corps (CCL) is currently my best producing position! I am long 11 shares with an average price of $14.15. She is now trading in the overnight session at $18.75 per share.

My overall outlook is still long term. Even with the progress some of these stocks have made in the last few months, there could still be some downside. I am looking to slowly add to this portfolios capital to give it more power, and will be looking at value areas to enter if the price flatlines higher than my entry prices.

Let me know your thoughts about how Covid affected the market and how/if you are using it to your advantage! Leave us a comment if you liked the blog entry or just want to talk about trading!!

Cobra Trading Review

Cobra trading is a broker that is known for its long list of short able stocks. This is the main reason why I am using them at this very moment. Though they rank high on my list, there are a couple of things we should discuss before you make the move to Cobra Trading. In this article I will go through my list of pros and cons in hopes that it will help you all with your decision.

Recommended by TheFreedomGrind – YES!!

Caveat : Most brokers have pros and cons, and though I have used many different brokers and software, there are none that are perfect.

Let’s look at The PROS……..

ACCESS TO SHORT – I want to start off by saying – brokers who have such short accessibility are far and few. This is one of the few brokers that offers smaller capital traders access to many small cap stocks to short by means of a LOCATE tool.

LOCATE FEES – Now this topic can be per instance but, we were able to compare prices to competitors and more often than not Cobra Trading had cheaper Locatable Shares.

GOOD FEE STRUCTURE – If you are an active trader they WILL work with you on cost!!!!

to see more CLICK HERE image taken from www.cobratrading.com/pricing

EARLY TRADING – This broker also allows for trading to begin at 4AM. Most popular retail brokers do not begin the premarket session until 7AM. P.S (I might have Pestered Cobra to open at 4AM …..lol, it was for the greater good).

CUSTOMER SERVICE – Overall Cobra Trading has decent customer service. I have had few problems reaching out and getting problems resolved. I would personally give them an 7 out of 10 here. They have always been respectful, but there have been times it was difficult to get things resolved.

GREAT SOFTWARE OPTIONS – As of today (2/7/2022), Cobra Trading has these options-

Cobra Trader Pro is our most cost-conscious platform. Based on the Sterling Trader framework, the platform is loaded with features without sacrificing any of the features needed for active traders or investors. The Cobra Trader Pro platform offers real-time Level 2 market data, advanced charting, hot keys, and a short locate monitor. Cobra Trader Pro is limited to non-entity and non-professional users only.

  • Real-Time Level 2 Market Data
  • Portfolio Management
  • Hot Keys
  • Stop Orders
  • Advanced Charting
  • Custom Alerts
  • News
  • Stock Watch Lists
  • Das Trader Pro – DAS Trader offers advanced order types, basket trading, charting, and multi-account management in a real-time environment. DAS combines powerful features such as advanced analytics, multi-instrument trading, and portfolio management into a single trading platform.

Sterling Trader Pro – This is a software that is less familiar to traders, but It is a very professional software.

Sterling Trader Pro – delivers a feature-rich package of state-of-the-art equities and options trading tools designed to give traders complete control. From in-depth charting software to the broad range of execution points, Pro’s combination of powerful performance and customization gives traders the power to execute their trading strategies with the click of a button. This Software is similar to DAS Trader.

Now, the CONS…..

HIGH MINIMUN DEPOSIT – This can be a bit difficult For those who aren’t long in the pockets, but still want to get into the game. Cobra Trading has a minimum initial deposit of $30,000. While this is listed in the CONS, most brokers expect an equity balance of 100K or more to have access to short able shares so keep this in mind.

taken from www.cobratrading.com

SHORTING PREMARKET – Early premarket shorting is a tough one. The locate tool has several different routes which you can use to find short able shares to borrow. During the early premarket, some of these avenues are turned off and may not work. We notice that around 6 AM and past are much easier to find locates. Also, keep in mind some stocks are not going to have locates to begin with naturally.

As much as I tried, I could not think of any additional cons at this time. I highly recommend Cobra Trading as a day trading Broker.

Things I have Learned Day Trading for a Full year

Day Trading is a very, very difficult thing to undertake. Anyone who has attempted to trade for any amount of time has questioned whether or not Day Trading was actually feasible at one point or another. Hitting “the wall”, taking another loss, or missing a big move takes a toll, but it all is worth it in the end. I can assure you.

I have been Day Trading for over 6 years now in different markets, and have just completed a full year of day trading profitably. I took an account with $2,200 dollars on January 28th 2021 and have now grown that account to over $40,000 (it is now February 6th 2022). It was not easy to say the least and there were many times a big losing day would cause a lot of stress and weigh on me. On my path to profitability, I have learned so many valuable (and expensive) lessons which I share with you all below.

Do not expect any strategies based on technical analysis though. I cover these in depth in my other posts, courses, and YouTube. Most of the things I learned about profitable Day Trading are more about self-care and discipline.

#1 Take Breaks – You can burn out very quickly especially when you are newer to trading. This past November, I was working twelve-hour nightshifts for my “day” job, but the market was very volatile, presenting a lot of trading opportunities. I thought I could at that time trade for six hours after nightshift, scramble for a quick nap, and then do it all over again. Looking back, I realized how quickly I went from motivated to sputtering on fumes. Overall, I ended up suffering from unnecessary losses. This is not healthy nor conducive to ones Day Trading business. I remember when I was first starting — There was so much information and excitement to learn, but your brain cannot grasp so much at once. There is data to suggest that the brain can only focus for 90 minute periods at a time, and that more breaks result in better decision-making. I highly suggest treating trading like a job – time block and schedule breaks in your Day Trading or market study. This will keep you balanced and better able to manage whatever the market sends your way, as well ensuring your brain is retaining what you are learning. There are also some tricky ways to take breaks from the screen, but still learn about the market. Take time to read some of the best Day Trading Books out there on your breaks (my opinion of course) : Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefevre, or Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas.

#2 Have A Daily Routine – This is a simple way to maximize your efficiency and well-being. I used to sit at the trading desk for the entire day. This is not only unnecessary, but can cause problems, even leading to more losses than gains. I would suggest creating a daily routine and encourage yourself to cushion your trading with healthy daily habits. Keeping our minds and body healthy are essential for our ability to handle stress, allowing us to then make balanced and un-emotional trading judgments. My current daily routine involves time for the gym or a walk, as well as reading or meditation, along with time with my family. I also ensure that I am not in my trading area after a certain amount of time which can lead to other unnecessary losses or bad Day Trading habits like the one I will discuss in the next topic.

#3 Do NOT overtrade – A good daily routine should help prevent this so as long as you are disciplined enough to walk away from the trading desk. I believe this may be the easiest thing a trader can do to sabotage his or her results. I had this problem and still tend to take trades out of habit rather than strategy. I was sitting around the desk all day and when the boredom strikes, we tend to “poke” around the market. This is the first sign that its probably just best to take the rest of the day and get some things done around the house, or pick up a hobby that takes you away from the desk. Overtrading is a very expensive bad habit, especially if you pay commissions. The longer we continue overtrading out of habit, the harder it is to un-train ourselves. In your routine, commit to a cut-off or walk-away time. In my case, once I have also hit a personal goal for the day, I shut it down.

#4 Manage Your Risk – This one should be obvious, but it can be a struggle. This starts with incorporating tips 1-3, and then adding in analysis. This comes mostly from any data you have collected or mathematical starting point you pre-calculated. How you trade, size of capital, and percentage of gain or expected gain should be taken into account. Essentially your “Trading Plan” should have risk parameters outlined. Make sure that when starting out you understand this: most likely your win rate percentage will be 30% or less so make your risk plan based off of this to maintain longevity until your win percentage increases above 50%. Risk parameters and a good strategy will help protect you from poor trading decisions. I did these calculations and had the data, but when I was in a Trade, I would get absorbed by the excitement of the market and my benchmarks, strategies, and limits would too easily go out the window. Having done analysis retroactively, sticking to my risk limits and strategies would have prevented $30,000+ of losses.

#5 Analyze/Track/Journal – This, and this alone, has made me a better Day Trader by leaps and bounds. Information is power, and the ability to look back at your data objectively is crucial. There are many methods you can use such as Tradervue, which has a free membership for those that are not trading massive volume per month. There is also just using a regular writing notebook and excel spreadsheets. I honestly use all three. While Tradervue is essential for the statistical analysis, I wanted to track other data as well. The newest addition I have added this year is just a writing notebook. This allows me to make notes on any other variables that might impact my trading – my headspace that morning, how I felt about the market conditions, how rested I am, or other circumstances and outliers that may have affected me that day.

These are the practices I recommend that enable me to bring my best to the trading desk every day. Regardless of what works best for you, create habits and rituals that allow for you to manage and regulate the stress, risk, and emotional variability that comes with devoting yourself to Day Trading. It is a Grind, but it doesn’t have to grind you down.



Welcome Back Freedom Grind Fam!! This morning I took one trade to get myself back on track. I have been using a new scanner to help me isolate the best setups I have noticed for my strategy and this morning it went very smooth!

I entered into SXTC towards the high of the pre market pump @ $2.87 cents average price with a 900 share order, however, I was only filled 554 shares. I am honestly glad it filled me that many shares because with the PDT, it was my only opportunity to get my money out of the market! Let’s check out the chart.


I shorted SXTC at $2.87 Per Market and closed this position Pre Market also at $2.24 cents for an overall profit of $347dollars on the Road to 25K. Thank you all for being apart of The Freedom Grind Team and following my Blog and Social Media Platforms!!!

TAKING ON TOO Much risk -$2340 YVR

It Always sucks having to describe a huge loss in the market but they are bound to happen!! Yesterday I placed a big trade in YVR. A couple of things happened that led up to such a big loss and I will describe them both here in the blog and in the YouTube Video above!

I got into YVR pre market and was actually in the profit for a whole there but decided to hold on to this position to avoid missing out on todays trading ( the PDT). What I did not consider was due to my overleveraging into this position, I basically opened up a major risk position! on the open the Stock Skyrocketed pushing my account into the negative – not a problem as I have sat through instances like that before – but in this situation I was in this position so heavy short that the broker decided I needed to liquidate that position and proceeded to do so. This left me with a negative trading day in the sum of -$2340. (OUCH). But the Broker did what they were supposed to do and in retrospect the trade was on me.

In the future I will not go so heavy into positions that are a little bit too risky for my account because that loss hurt. I lost 45% of my overall trading profits in this account in that trade and it will be a long Grind to get back to that point. All in All, its just another day in the markets and just a bump in the Road to 25K.



Welcome back Freedom Grind Family! I will be doing detailed reviews of my Day trading progress and metrics using the free version of TraderVue. (CLICK HERE) So far I have a decent amount of data that I can look at and review as it relates to my trading!

I personally love Tradervue so far. I know most of us use an excel spreadsheet and handjam our trades into some sort of journal manually. I believe most of us fall off that wagon after a sort period, but using TraderVue is so easy. You just upload your trading statements straight into your account and they do the rest. TraderVue gives you so much information related to your Trading performance. The type of information that Tradervue puts together for you is really a fantastic data profile that will allow you to really see into your own trading mind!

So far with the limited Data I have from my Interactive Brokers account My Day Trading Metrics are looking phenomenal! Lets take a look at some of the most important ones as it relates to a profitable and consistent strategy!


The metrics I look at on TraderVue are the Win/Loss percentages, The Average Daily gain/loss, and the Consecutive Win/loss ratio. These are important in determining whether you are on the right trajectory with your trading strategy! There is also another metric that I wasn’t totally sure what is was and that is called the Profit Factor. The Profit Factor is a number that determines whether or not your strategy is profitable with 1 being just profitable. My current Profit Factor is 69.93! My Winning trade percentage is (92.9%).

As I move towards the 25k mark I am excited to see this data evolve. Once I cross the 25k mark and am able to Day trade every day I will have a much clearer image of what my performance will look like in a longer term scenario!

Thank You for reading and joining The Freedom Grind Team and as always happy Trading!


Welcome back Traders and Investors! I had a pretty busy day yesterday so this post is a day behind! I was able to squeeze out two pretty decent trades for the day with Enzo Biochem Inc (ENZ), and Anchiano Therapeutics LTD (ANCN).


This trade went very well, coming into the profit pretty quickly! I was able to enter in short around 7.70 with 200 shares and closed the position around 6 dollars. The overall profit on this trade was $324 dollars added to the account.

The second trade I placed for the day was on ENZ! This stock was very volatile and a bit unexpected. I was in this trade pretty heavy with a position size of 452 shares. I am actually still holding 255 shares of this position short! I had to hold this position overnight in order to prevent any PDT Flag……..I hate this Rule. So far this position has already provided and if this stock can flush (go down in price quickly) at the open I will be looking to close the rest of my position out ASAP!!

On both charts the Thicker RED line represents my entry. On ENZ I got in premarket and had to hold through some upside pushes but was able to stomach the volatility into the profit.



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