Welcome to the products and services page for TheFreedomGrind! We have items that you can proudly display in your Trading Space, as well as some basic Stock Market Courses! The Courses offer the basics of being an investor in the Stock Market whether you are a Day Trader, Swing Trader, or a Long Term Investor!! We also have a Course that offers a basic strategy that you can add to you Stock Trading Playbook!!

SPY CANVAS 16” x 20”

This awesome print of the SPY INDEX would look great hanging in your Trading Space!! It also serves as a reminder of the gains that are possible if you stick to your Strategy and Discipline! It also supports the creators of this content!!!

Basic Trading Course

**COMING SOON*** Stock Trading Basics. You will learn about how stocks move. We will discuss pivotal points in price action movement and how you can use this to your advantage. We will also cover different trading styles so that you can understand and approach the market from different perspectives including Day Trading, Swing Trading, and longer Term Investing Strategies. This course also looks at different markets from Stocks to Futures, and even Forex!

Strategy Focus

Strategy Focus is a critical Skill needed to navigate the markets and become consistently Profitable. We need to understand how to find our Edge and be able to exploit it! Before we do that, we also need to understand how to test a strategy to ensure that it will produce consistent results in the longer term before we use live capital to test it out. Throughout this course you will watch our experienced Traders Use a Strategy live so that you can implement the strategy in your own trading! We will also go through the strategy using back-testing in our Trading Software!