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$159.99 / Month

  • Have access to The Freedom Grinds live trading room.
  • Trade with us twice a week in a live chat – screen share session.


Join the live trading room with TheFreedomGrind’s head Equities Day trader. We share our screen and have live commentary during the trading session so you can see how a profitable trader places trades and manages risk in live sessions. The live trading room is open for (non – mentorship students) twice a week from 4Am until our trader has completed his or her trading day on those days!

DISCLAIMER **This is for educational purposes only! All trades placed by TheFreedomGrind and its affiliates are only for educational purposes. Any investments made by live trade room members are at their OWN risk. TheFreedomGrind and its affiliates are not liable for investments made by members that are not part of TheFreedomGrind team.

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  • Day trade with The Freedom Grind Live 4 days a week.
  • Take Classes based on our weekly trades.
  • Have one-on-one sessions with profitable traders!
  • Learn our profitable strategies.
  • Learn to track your trades and manage emotions.
  • Personal Meetings to review your trading and discuss strategy implementation and emotional management.

Mentorship Requirements

  1. Trading Student must have or be capable of getting and setting up a brokerage that has shorting capabilities.
  2. Trading Student should have the minimum capital requirements needed to be above the PDT (Pattern Day trading Rule) 25k or above. **this isn’t necessary but is highly recommended**


Day Trading is a very difficult career choice. I have spent seven years navigating the stock market to generate a profitable strategy. I understand the struggles traders will face as they embark on one of the toughest roads to financial freedom.

This program will rebuild you as a day trader and put you in the right mental, emotional, and strategic state to operate a profitable strategy. You will have access to our Top Equities Day Trader who you will trade side by side with during this program. You will also be taught a strategy that has proven results. This is the path for anyone who wishes to streamline their education and learn from a profitable trader.

This program will be 8 weeks which will start with a class on the market and the strategy I use to generate steady profits. We will then give you a set of trading rules and standards and ensure you have a journal set up to auto track your trades. You will also have full access to the live trading room for the whole trading times. Although you will be able to trade with our head trader, you will be expected to trade independently once you are ready.



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