Welcome back freedom Grind Team! This was one of my biggest day trades so far. My team and I are working on new scanners and trading metrics that will hopefully help us generate much bigger gains in the near future. The newest scanner that we have added to our trading strategy helped us nail YELLContinue reading “TODAYS SHORT YELL + $1290”


Welcome back Freedom Grind Family! I will be doing detailed reviews of my Day trading progress and metrics using the free version of TraderVue. (CLICK HERE) So far I have a decent amount of data that I can look at and review as it relates to my trading! I personally love Tradervue so far. IContinue reading “TRADERVUE DAY TRADING METRICS AND REPORT”


Welcome back traders! Today was a big day for me as a Day Trader as I finally hit the 1K a day mark! I have been waiting to push the gas a little bit and be more aggressive in my positions so that I can Have a 1K profit on the day! I finally hitContinue reading “TODAYS SHORTS +$1K ENTX, ACER, & AZRX”

PRE MARKET 5/23/2019: NETS, TROV, and OBLN!

Good morning traders!! I am seeing a couple of interesting low float stocks with good pre market price action as well as volume this morning. The first stock I noticed is NETS. NETS: Float : 30 million Pre Market Volume : 270k News : No News! (hmm…) This stock has moved from just below theContinue reading “PRE MARKET 5/23/2019: NETS, TROV, and OBLN!”