Good Morning Traders and investors! So far the strategy is a very trustworthy one. I have successfully completed a month and a half of successful trades! This trade was a little rough but in the end it became successful for me. Lets have a look at the Trade on the 2 min Chart! I wasContinue reading “TODAYS SHORT MNOV +$425”

5k Benchmark Crossed

Welcome back traders! Today is a big day as I have crossed my very first Trading Benchmark! As I started this journey, I set my first benchmark to an account balance of $5,000 dollars and today, with my trading strategy I was able to cross that goal and am currently at $5,116! I placed twoContinue reading “5k Benchmark Crossed”

Todays Trade Recap ECOR On The Road To 25K

Welcome back Traders I hope you all had a good weekend! This morning around 4:10AM I started to trade the market. I found ECOR on my premarket scanner and it was screaming to be shorted….lol, so I DID! Overall the trade wasn’t too bad, however, there were some mistakes I made in this one. TheContinue reading “Todays Trade Recap ECOR On The Road To 25K”


Welcome back Traders and Investors! I was able to lock in some profit this morning trading short side on a low float stock that went parabolic to the upside premarket. I traded DOGNESS INTL CORP COM (DOGZ). This stock went bonkers in the premarket cranking long from about a $2 average price up past $7Continue reading “TRADE RECAP SHORT (DOGZ) +$187”


Welcome back everyone! Although I should be excited, and I am a little bit, but I am also a bit disappointed! The portfolio is doing well! That’s the good news. My expectations for this portfolio was to add to positions to increase the overall portfolios power. I was hoping for these stocks to stay reasonablyContinue reading “CORONA VIRUS PORTFOLIO WEEKLY UPDATE”


Welcome back to the Blog! Today we are looking at the Corona Virus Portfolio that I have built over the last few weeks. This will be an update as to where the portfolio is now, and how it is performing so far. If you would like to see in depth which stocks I purchased forContinue reading “CORONA VIRUS PORTFOLIO UPDATE”


This year has been full of craziness! We have the corona virus pandemic, riots, economic issues, but that leads to opportunity for those willing to take advantage. With this article I am sharing my current longer term positions that are mostly based on criteria related to the current Corona Virus pandemic. Most of the stocksContinue reading “CORONA VIRUS PORTFOLIO”


I know it has been a while since I have written a post but rest assured, I am back with content which I think will be worth the read! This article is not a jab at day trading but more of a different point of view for those that have been struggling with day trading,Continue reading “STOCK INVESTING DURING THE CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC”


Good Morning traders! This morning is a repeat of some of the mornings we had last week with the S&P 500 stuck at a limit down. The price crashed to 2555.50 on the Mini ES contracts and stayed there since 6:15 PM EST last night. There are currently thousands of sellers stacked right at theContinue reading “IT’S OFFICIALLY A BEAR MARKET”


Hello everyone! Today, like the past few have been very volatile in the index markets. We have seen huge selloffs in all the market indexes. The futures market has had huge volatility. I want to start this journal off with a confession! On March 11th I lost big. On the 11th, I started the tradingContinue reading “TRADING JOURNAL MARCH 11TH & 12TH 2020”