WOW, these past couple of trading days have been massive in the low float areas of the market. There have been multiple stocks on the Low Float Scanner making massive moves to the upside on volume. (SES) Synthesis Energy Systems Inc as depicted in the chart above had a massive move yesterday 10/14/2019. (SES) hadContinue reading “LOW FLOAT VOLATILITY IS BACK!”

Todays Day Trade : BPTH + $790

Massive low float Day Trade in the market today with BPTH making a huge push upwards. The stock started the day at around the $7 dollar area, and by the height of the day, around $14 dollars. Let’s look at my trade in depth!! I bought this dip off of the Chart Study 9 EMAContinue reading “Todays Day Trade : BPTH + $790”

Todays Day Trades : NCTY +$420

Todays trades went well, so far I am on a hot streak! The first trade I took today was NCTY. This is another Low Float runner that was predictable in the open! I took a trade at the break of $3.50 cent with a Stop Limit order just after the open bell. Let’s look atContinue reading “Todays Day Trades : NCTY +$420”

Todays Trade : Low Float Momentum BPTH – Bio Path Holdings $ 1,170

3/1/2019 – Todays day trade went very well with this low float runner. We started with a breakout scanner we built in the Think Or Swim software provided by TD Ameritrade. (Click Here for Scanner Tutorial). This one popped up first thing along with IGC, After watching the momentum on the first candle, we beganContinue reading “Todays Trade : Low Float Momentum BPTH – Bio Path Holdings $ 1,170”