Well, Today was a red day. I saw this stock premarket and decided to watch this stock at the open. As you can see the Stock did perform well out of the gate quickly shooting from $3.20 cent to $4.20 cents. I tried to place an order of 2000 shares at $3.50 cent area, IContinue reading “TODAYS TRADES: MFTB (-$735)”


Today was yet another solid day for momentum traders like myself. I was late to the market today by one minute, my computer and the think or swim software was not fully ready until 9:31 AM just after market open. VXRT was on the top of the scanner with a huge percentage gain. I openedContinue reading “TODAYS TRADE: VXRT $1500”

Three Things That You Need To Understand To Be A Successful Trader

We as traders focus on key things in the market to help our strategies work. If you have traded or bought stocks personally before, then these three things can be applied to your trading. If you haven’t traded before, but are willing to put in the time, dilligence, and money to become a trader thanContinue reading “Three Things That You Need To Understand To Be A Successful Trader”


Friday was a pretty good day for day trading both in the equities market and the Futures markets! My Stock Trade was on Ticker SLNO which made a huge move to the upside right at the open. For my first trade I tried to place a Stop Limit right at the $3.00 Mark on openingContinue reading “FRIDAYS TRADES: /ES, /CL, SLNO +$2,300”


Ok, so today went rough in the beginning. By the afternoon all of my trades turned around. I have noticed that there have been some trading opportunities later in the trading sessions and that’s where I made my gains after a tough morning. My first two trades happened almost simultaneously. I placed two stop limitsContinue reading “TODAYS TRADES: /ES, AKTX, ATOS, OXBR. +$1,265”


3/14/2019 – AKTX possible long continuation. This stock ran pretty good yesterday from $2 dollar area, and ended the session at around the $6 dollar area. Pre market for this Ticker is promising with a huge push all the way up to $9.61 cent. With the crazy momentum we have seen recently with stocks likeContinue reading “AKTX POSSIBLE CONTINUATION TO THE UPSIDE!!”