Watching the Market (ES mini Futures)

Over the past month we have seen the market decline due to the escalation of the trade war between the U.S and China. Donald Trump has imposed tariffs on Chinese goods and is slowly adding to them. So far in the S&P 500 index and DOW JONES we have seen sharp declines, and will mostContinue reading “Watching the Market (ES mini Futures)”


So far a trade deal has not been reached, but, it seems based on the press conference with President Trump the talks with China are positive. The Standard and Poor’s 500 opened slightly lower on the news that a trade deal has yet to be completed. This is one of the core political items thatContinue reading “THE TRADE DEAL STILL ON THE TABLE!”


Whether you like Donald Trump or not, he seems to have a way of wooing wall street! A meeting between President Trump and the Chinese vice premier is set for tomorrow! What does this have to do with trading? Well, if the meeting is positive, we will see an immediate reaction in the major indexesContinue reading “INDEX FUTURES AND THE CHINA TRADE DEAL!”


Back to the Futures!!! Hello everyone and welcome to THEFREEDOMGRIND, your source for market information and Day trading education!!! Early this morning, there were multiple opportunities to trade the /ES mini – S & P 500 mini. Let’s have a look at the chart and I will describe exactly how the trades went down. TheContinue reading “TODAYS TRADES : TRADING THE /ES + $900”

S&P Technical Level Breakout on the Daily Chart (/ES Futures)

The /ES has just broken through a key technical level on the Daily chart. The red line drawn on the image above represents a key technical level that I have had my eyes on for a while now. Today is the day that the breakout occurred on the daily chart. I took a long positionContinue reading “S&P Technical Level Breakout on the Daily Chart (/ES Futures)”