Three Things That You Need To Understand To Be A Successful Trader

We as traders focus on key things in the market to help our strategies work. If you have traded or bought stocks personally before, then these three things can be applied to your trading. If you haven’t traded before, but are willing to put in the time, dilligence, and money to become a trader thanContinue reading “Three Things That You Need To Understand To Be A Successful Trader”


Friday was a pretty good day for day trading both in the equities market and the Futures markets! My Stock Trade was on Ticker SLNO which made a huge move to the upside right at the open. For my first trade I tried to place a Stop Limit right at the $3.00 Mark on openingContinue reading “FRIDAYS TRADES: /ES, /CL, SLNO +$2,300”


Ok, so today went rough in the beginning. By the afternoon all of my trades turned around. I have noticed that there have been some trading opportunities later in the trading sessions and that’s where I made my gains after a tough morning. My first two trades happened almost simultaneously. I placed two stop limitsContinue reading “TODAYS TRADES: /ES, AKTX, ATOS, OXBR. +$1,265”


3/14/2019 – AKTX possible long continuation. This stock ran pretty good yesterday from $2 dollar area, and ended the session at around the $6 dollar area. Pre market for this Ticker is promising with a huge push all the way up to $9.61 cent. With the crazy momentum we have seen recently with stocks likeContinue reading “AKTX POSSIBLE CONTINUATION TO THE UPSIDE!!”


Todays trades were much different than usual as I am testing out Trade Zero’s Software. Most of the profits made today were made on the short side. Going short is when you are able to borrow shares from the broker at a high price and sell them. When the price decreases, you buy them backContinue reading “TODAYS TRADES : GLBS, TNXP, BPTH + $1500 ON TRADE ZERO PAPER DEMO!!”


Day trading can be a very rough, especially for beginners, or someone who has a very modest sum to work with. When I first started trading I hit and missed……A LOT. The way that the PDT rule is limiting is when you are making ok or break even trades during the week and then BOOM!!!Continue reading “THE PDT (PATTERN DAY TRADING) RULE AND HOW TO AVOID IT!”

Todays Trades : TROV, TNXP, SBOT In the Red -$300

Todays trades were a little rough to say the least. I started with a Stop Limit order on TNXP at opening bell at $3.61. My order did not fill and the order actually rode the price around the chart, so I flattened (this means I canceled all orders and positions). I then waited for aContinue reading “Todays Trades : TROV, TNXP, SBOT In the Red -$300”

Todays Day Trades : BPTH Massive Movers!! +$2420

This is what we as traders live for! This will be the third time this week that BPTH is the topic of discussion. These moments are the moments that display the incredible potential of being a day trader. So, BPTH started in the premarket around the $16 dollar area……….AND THEN BOOM!!! This stock ran allContinue reading “Todays Day Trades : BPTH Massive Movers!! +$2420”

Todays Day Trade : BPTH + $790

Massive low float Day Trade in the market today with BPTH making a huge push upwards. The stock started the day at around the $7 dollar area, and by the height of the day, around $14 dollars. Let’s look at my trade in depth!! I bought this dip off of the Chart Study 9 EMAContinue reading “Todays Day Trade : BPTH + $790”

Todays Day Trades : NCTY +$420

Todays trades went well, so far I am on a hot streak! The first trade I took today was NCTY. This is another Low Float runner that was predictable in the open! I took a trade at the break of $3.50 cent with a Stop Limit order just after the open bell. Let’s look atContinue reading “Todays Day Trades : NCTY +$420”