PRE MARKET MTP 7/19/2019

Good morning traders, MTP making some big moves to the upside pre market this morning. This stock has surged from $1.40 cent area to over $3.00 dollars on news from the company. That is some momentum. Let’s look at some data: MTP FLOAT : 25 million shares PREMARKET VOLUME: 2 million NEWS : 8K fillingContinue reading “PRE MARKET MTP 7/19/2019”


ELTK has seen some crazy attention for the past two days. Already premarket today we are seeing a small uptick in volume and price. It will be interesting to see how this stocks price action plays out today. ELTK Float : 4 million Premarket volume: 130k News: no news today, but multiple runs and anContinue reading “ELTK COULD WE SEE MORE MOMETNUM?”


BIOC is making moves this morning with heavy volume. The price action has moved from $1.30 cents to a pre market high of $1.67 cents. FLOAT : 18 million PRE MARKET VOLUME : 2 mill NEWS : company awarded China patent for tumor cell platform. ARMP is also making some big moves pre market. ClosingContinue reading “PRE MARKET 5/28/2019 BIOC”


Good morning everyone, and thank you for your support. This morning we are seeing more activity out of OTLK. PRE market this morning the price action has broken past the $2 dollar area. Yesterday we saw OTLK make grinding moves to the upside so we may see some continuation. Float – 11 million shares VolumeContinue reading “PRE MARKET ANALYSIS 5/17/19 OTLK”

Pre Market 5/16/19 OTLK

OTLK – this stock is seeing some pre market volume and upward price action. Let’s look at some data. Float – 11 million shares Premarket volume – 1.6 mill News – share price target of 12 dollars by firm CUI – this stock has a low float and a bit of volume premarket. What makesContinue reading “Pre Market 5/16/19 OTLK”


Good morning, and welcome back to THE FREEDOM GRIND day trading blog. This morning PHUN is making moves premarket gapping up from $8 dollars to a premarket high of $9.64. FLOAT – 30 million shares Premarket volume – 400k News – strategic partnership with STAF has gapped up a little as well with noContinue reading “PREMARKET ANALYSIS 5/1/2019”


This morning, the first stock on the premarket scanner looks promising. RENN has gapped up from the $2.00 area all the way above $2.50 cent area. Let’s look at.the specs. Float – 68 million Premarket volume – 1.5 million News – so far I can’t find any! This is the only stock I see asContinue reading “PREMARKET ANALYSIS 4/30/19”


Good morning and welcome back to THEFREEDOMGRIND blog. This morning we will be taking a look at stocks that have intraday potential! NBEV – This stock is running premarket on news that the company signed a license agreement with the estate of Bob Marley! By the way, this is a cannabis company! Float – 75Continue reading “PRE MARKET ANALYSIS 4/25/2019”


MBRX is a stock that did very well in yesterday’s trading session. This morning it still has investor interest with premarket volume reaching over half a million shares already. This could have some continuation potential, with yesterday’s price action taking this stock from the $1 dollar area all the way up to $3 dollars. ThisContinue reading “MBRX PREMARKET ANALYSIS!”


Hello everyone, hope you all had a fantastic holiday. This morning there isn’t any massive trading going on premarket but I will highlight the stocks I am most likely to watch. MBRX – this stock is making some moves pre market. It closed the last trading session at $1.10 and has moved up to $1.40Continue reading “PRE MARKET ANALYSIS 4/22/19”