Today is a big day for the market indexes. At 0830 EST we will have access to the jobs report. So far the market has had extreme volatility. Yesterdays trading session was wild to say the least. The SP 500 had a major crash to the downside but then not only recovered its loss, butContinue reading “JOBS REPORT AND THE MARKETS!”


Today was a really good day to trade futures as I am a Short Biased trader. Immediately this morning I suspected the market to go to the downside, and it did. With manufacture report a miss, the impeachment clown show, and the non farm payroll showing signs of economy weakness we may be seeing someContinue reading “SHORTING THE /ES MINI FUTURES CONTRACT”

Watching the Overall Market : /ES Mini 500

Day trading has always ben my thing, but I cant help noticing the trend of the overall market indexes such as the /ES mini. I like to also trade futures from time to time and the S&P 500 is the most liquid of the futures contracts to trade. If you remember towards the end ofContinue reading “Watching the Overall Market : /ES Mini 500”