Just a reminder that the FED will be meeting today to discuss interest rates! Typically these days are difficult to trade! Not that there wont be any opportunities, but the markets may be a bit choppy until we get an update on the Fed’s decision! Once the markets settle things should move on as normal.Continue reading “FED MEETING DAY!”


Good morning traders! This morning the premarket is seeing heavy trading volume on mostly low float pharmaceutical companies. (VIVE) VIVEVE MEDICAL INC is going crazy right now. This stocks price went from around $6 dollars all the way up to a premarket high of $11.50. That’s crazy, and looking at the day chart for thisContinue reading “DAY TRADING PRE MARKET WATCHES”


Good morning traders, NCTY has some pretty heavy volume on it this morning. This is a stock that I have traded in the past and has had some really strong runs. So far this morning the volume and price action has pushed this stock from the $1.00 dollar area all the way up to aContinue reading “PRE MARKET 9/27/2019 NCTY”


Ok traders, my last post was about my entry into a short position on FRAN. This trade worked out really well and was a very easy trade to predict. As I stated in the previous article, this was a low float stock that soared from the $5 dollar area almost into the $20 dollar area.Continue reading “FRAN SHORT CLOSED!! +$300”

SHORT FRAN @ $15.23

Good morning traders, Yesterday I decided to get back into FRAN (short) 100 shares @ $15.23 and a Buy Stop @ $15.90. My overall risk on this trade with that stop in place is only $67 dollars. Overall my P/L on FRAN this year is already $251 dollars from previous shorts made on it. ReasonContinue reading “SHORT FRAN @ $15.23”


Good morning everyone!! (DPW) DPW Holdings INC , a stock that has been on my charts in the past is making some really crazy gains in the pre market. So far the price action has moved from the $2 dollar area, all the way to a high of $9.26 cents. So what is driving thisContinue reading “PRE MARKET-DPW HOLDINGS MAKING MOVES!!”

PRE MARKET MTP 7/19/2019

Good morning traders, MTP making some big moves to the upside pre market this morning. This stock has surged from $1.40 cent area to over $3.00 dollars on news from the company. That is some momentum. Let’s look at some data: MTP FLOAT : 25 million shares PREMARKET VOLUME: 2 million NEWS : 8K fillingContinue reading “PRE MARKET MTP 7/19/2019”


Good morning everyone, if you saw my last premarket article on CAPR then you know I carry weight in my stock picking skills. Now, let’s look at this morning’s line up. So far I see two stocks with some potential for a trade this morning. The first stock is VISL. This stock had a premarketContinue reading “PRE MARKET VISL, FRAN 7/17/2019”


GNCA is moving huge this morning. This low float stock has so far doubled in price PRE MARKET. Let’s take a deeper look. FLOAT- 14 million Premarket Volume – 2 million News – positive vaccine results. This stock has also seen previous big move days on the daily chart so this will for sure beContinue reading “PRE MARKET GNCA”


Good morning traders! Again this morning we are seeing pretty significant price action on OTLK. This is a previous runner that has a low float. I am really going to be watching this one as it has touched the $3.00 dollars in the pre market session. Float – 11 million Pre Market Volume – 2,4Continue reading “PRE MARKET 5/20/2019 OTLK”