Welcome back traders! Today, and really mostly this week I have been more focused on my futures trading account with Ninja Trader rather than with my Stock account. This week has been really good for me so far with approximately 8 out of 9 trades being profitable. Today followed a very similar pattern as yesterdaysContinue reading “TODAYS TRADES NASDAQ FUTURES SHORT!”


Good morning traders! This morning I see a couple stocks with some decent volume and price action premarket. The very first stock I see is Trovagene Inc (TROV). This stock’s price action so far has risen from around $1.00 all the way to a pre market (so far) of $1.69. Ticker : Trovagene Inc (TROV)Continue reading “DAY TRADING PRE MARKET10/22/2019”


Good Morning Traders, I am seeing a little bit of movement in the Premarket. We are looking at three tickers all together in the low float area of the market this morning. ATTIS INDUSTRIES INC (ATIS) is the first one on the list. Let’s look at some fundamentals on this one so far. TICKER :Continue reading “DAY TRADING PRE MARKET 10/18/2019”


Good morning everyone, this week has been crazy! We have seen some really strong momentum in the low float area of the stock market. This morning there are a couple of Low Float stocks making some moves with volume. The first is Hepion Pharmaceuticals Inc (HEPA). Ticker : HEPA Float : 3.5 million Premarket VolumeContinue reading “DAY TRADING PRE MARKET WATCHES 10/17/2019”

SHORT FRAN @ $15.23

Good morning traders, Yesterday I decided to get back into FRAN (short) 100 shares @ $15.23 and a Buy Stop @ $15.90. My overall risk on this trade with that stop in place is only $67 dollars. Overall my P/L on FRAN this year is already $251 dollars from previous shorts made on it. ReasonContinue reading “SHORT FRAN @ $15.23”

ES Short Trade!!!! +$500

OK, so this morning I posted that I entered into a short trade on the (/ES) S&P Mini Future contract. The circle at the top of the chart represents about where I entered the position with 2 contracts short. I covered my position very close to the support line which was the overall goal whenContinue reading “ES Short Trade!!!! +$500”